Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Reader's Diary #1277- Greg Pak (writer), John Romita Jr. (artist): World War Hulk

So, I've made to World War Hulk, the follow up to Planet Hulk, and together one of the most popular Hulk storylines ever.

In this collection, the Hulk has returned to Earth to seek revenge on those that sent him away in the first place. He also blames them, mistakenly as it turns out, for also blowing up his ship and killing his new wife.

It's a fine follow-up. Gone is the fascinating setting of Sakaar, Hulk's new home planet, but back are the familiar Marvel heroes. And, seeing Hulk take on Iron Man, Black Bolt, Doctor Strange, and Mr. Fantastic? You know there are going to be many great action scenes.

Mostly that's what this is. A smash 'em up tale. Perhaps even less philosophizing than Planet Hulk. Plus, some of the same problems are there— the Hulk is still made too powerful. Somehow he punches his away out of magic? What is that? Also Black Bolt's voice is so powerful that a mere whisper sends the Hulk flying through the air, yet his eardrums remain in tact?

Still, smashy, smashy, as it may have been, it did have a poignant moment or two. One particularly great scene comes after the world seems to be rooting for the Hulk rather than the supposed heroes. Some folks, it turned out, felt very victimized by their brand of heroics and that it was time they be put in check. The Hulk sees how downtrodden the heroes appear by this turn of events and challenges them, "Don't like it, do you? It's not fair. Not the whole story. You have excuses. Explanations. You're innocent. These people don't really know what happened. They don't know what's in your heart." He pauses, "Now you know how it feels." For the dumb, angry green guy, he makes a fair point and we get a sense of why he's so angry. Well, that and his wife was blown up.

Romita Jr's art is superhero-comic stuff.

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