Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Reader's Diary #1287- Matt Kindt: Mind Mgmt, Volume 1 The Manager

Ah, the Jodi Picoult syndrome: great premise, poor delivery. Actually, if I'm being honest, Matt Kindt's Mind Mgmt reminded me more of Dan Brown. Also not a compliment.

The premise? All the passengers aboard flight 851 are inexplicably stricken with a case of amnesia. Actually, not all of the passengers. There's a child who seems to have been immune and even more curious, while the passenger manifest showed 81 people getting on board, only 80 were reported to have gotten off. A young reporter is determined to find this missing passenger and uncover the truth. But perhaps her mind is being played as well.

Sounds great right? Add to that the glowing blurbs all across the cover. A couple even promise that the book is real "mindf---!" I was prepared for some Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind kind of cerebral dance.

Instead, there's a lot of shooting around the world with vague nonsense posing as deep in the same way that a hotdog is a sandwich is deep to someone who's stoned. I really didn't care about the characters, nor did I feel I was ever given the chance.

The art, which seems to have been the more divisive aspect to most critics, I thought was a strength. That said, I'm not surprised that it drew some complaints; it reminds me tremendously of Jeff Lemire's art who I know has a love or hate aesthetic. It wasn't great enough to make me want to read another volume, but did help in redeem the book somewhat.

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Barbara Bruederlin said...

You are right, the premise is intriguing. Sad to hear that the delivery is anything but. However, your review was such fun to read that I am almost glad the book sucked.