Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Reader's Diary #1293- The Arrowheads: Avro Arrow / The Story of the Avro Arrow from its Evolution to its Extinction

Much has been said about the aviation marvel that was Canada's Avro Arrow. However, the focus has typically been on the controversy (perhaps even conspiracy, if you're so inclined) surrounding its cancellation. Just why it was considered a marvel in the first place often gets forgotten.

A group of fans (and you know they're fans because they named themselves The Arrowheads) decided to change that with this technical look at the Avro Arrow.

As a technical book, it's not always engaging nor always an easy read. However, it's not impossible for a layperson buff to access. Indeed, I did walk away impressed with the Avro Arrow, even if I've quickly forgotten specifications and the like. What I do recall is being taken aback by the scientific teamwork involved and the bravery and commitment of those doing the first test flights.

The book itself is short and the text is broken up with lots of photos, which helps break up what could be a monotonous read otherwise. It also comes with a very liberal dosing of exclamation points. Ordinarily I'd probably fault a book on this, but I don't this time around. I'm not an aviation-buff myself, but I found the enthusiasm of the Arrowheads to be infectious.

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