Sunday, April 17, 2016

Reader's Diary #1297- Sam Bosma: Fantasy Sports No. 1

Fantasy Sports No. 1 looks like manga packaged as bande dessinée and Sam Bosma is an English guy from the States. Already it's unique enough to pique my interest. But it gets even more bizarre from there.

It revolves around a girl wizard in training, named Wiz-Kid,who has just been denied her request to be assigned a new mentor. Her current mentor, Mug, is more brawn than brains, or at least more brawn that magic, and this does not impress her. Nonetheless they must continue on together and raid Egyptian tombs for magical artifacts.However, they come face to face with a guardian mummy named He of the Giant Steps who challenges them to a high stakes game of basketball (essentially it's like Charlie Daniels' "The Devil Went down to Georgia" with hoops in place of the fiddle).

Um, yeah. It certainly had quirk factor. It was also fast-paced and funny. I'm not sure I'd care to read any follow-up as I'm not a sports guy and at this point Wiz-Kid and Mug really haven't been developed sufficiently to make me care, but I found it good enough for some one time original entertainment.

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