Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Reader's Diary #1335: Clamp: xxxHolic 1

Initially I was afraid I wasn't going to enjoy xxxHolic. Coming right on heels of having read Tite Kubo's Bleach, I was immediately put off by the way characters would have such wild outbursts of emotions for every little thing. Subtlety does not exist.

But, more and more, xxxHolic began to win me over. It follows a teenage boy named Kimihiro who, much to his chagrin, sees spirits. One day, however, he finds himself being pulled into a shop run by the witch Yuko. Yuko is a wish-granting witch but whose wishes come at a price. Kimihiro wishes to have his rare spirit-seeing ability removed but has to agree to become Yuko's servant.

The artwork is a notch above most shonen and seinen manga I've read, given to its use of gothic patterns. And I began to appreciate the way Yuko granted wishes, seeing how an entire series could be interesting. At one point I was reminded of Stephen King's "Quitters, Inc", which, if you've read the short story or have seen the movie adaptation starring James Woods, you'll know was quite dark. xxxHolic wasn't that dark in this early volume, but as with any "be careful what you wish for" tale, you know the potential's there.

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