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Comics, Cartoons, and Graphic Novels from Across Canada

Lists, while often helpful, can become obsolete almost immediately. Two cases in point: In 2007 I made a list of books to read from around the country, province by province. Now, of course, it's missing some very notable titles from the past 9 years: Half-blood Blues, The Sisters Brothers, or anything by Alan Bradley, for instance. More recently I created a list called the 13 Greatest Canadian Graphic Novels of All Time. This one is almost embarrassing in retrospect. Again, and of course, many great graphic novels came since, but at the time I was also pretty ignorant about the nationality of about a gazillion well-known and respected graphic novelists (artists and/or writers) from right here in Canada. Still, rather than update those (anyone still happening upon them likely take them with a grain of salt anyway), I've decided to somewhat combine the two ideas to create a list I've not yet done before, one that bridges my passion for both Canadian books and comics: comics, cartoons, and graphic novels by province and territory. Again, it's not a perfect list. Likely you'll notice a personal favourite that I've overlooked (please let me know in the comments!). Also, it's not comprehensive. Some of these artists and writers are quite prolific and there's no way I could list all of their output. Finally, a quick word about the categorization. By and large I've categorized them by birthplace or current home of the author or artist, or where the book is primarily set. It's not a perfect system, but for those hoping to read comics from across the country, hopefully it'll be a useful guide. Oh, and it'll probably be obsolete tomorrow.

Yukon Ho! - Bill Waterson
The Klondike - Zach Warton
White Fang- by Jack London, illustrated by Penko Galev

Northwest Territories
Ramshackle - Alison McCreesh
Nelvana of the Northern Lights - Adrian Dingle
A Blanket of Butterflies - Richard Van Camp, illustrated by Scott Henderson
We Stand on Guard- Brian K. Vaughan, illustrated by Matt Hollingsworth
Encounter on the Eagle- Wally Wolfe

Arctic Comics - edited by Nicholas Burns
The Country of Wolves - Neil Christopher, illustrated by Ramón Pérez
Far Arden- Kevin Cannon

Newfoundland and Labrador
Life with Archie: The Viking Trail - George Gladir, illustrated by Stan G.
The Ballad of Nancy April: Shawnadithit - David Alexander Robertson, illustrated by Scott Henderson
The Underworld Railroad - Jason M. Burns, illustrated by Paul Tucker
Sparky - Matt Troke
Atlantis #1 - Geoffrey Sterling and Scott Stirling (writers), Danny Bulanadi (artist)

Prince Edward Island
War Brothers - Sharon E. McKay, illustrated by Daniel Lafrance
Anne of Green Gables - Lucy Maud Montgomery, adapted by C.W. Cooke and illustrated by Guancarlo Malagutti
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas - Hunter S. Thompson, adapted by Troy Little

Nova Scotia
Civil War- Mark Millar, illustrated by Steve McNiven
Friends with Boys- Faith Erin Hicks
Underwater Welder - Jeff Lemire
Hark! A Vagrant - Kate Beaton
Patsy Walker AKA Hellcat Volume 1: Hooked on a Feline - Kate Leth

New Brunswick
Tangles - Sarah Leavitt
You Might Be From New Brunswick If... - Michael de Adder
The Errand - Leo Lafleur, illustrated by Adam Oehlers

Jane, the Fox and Me - Fanny Britt, illustrated by Isabelle Arsenault
Pyongyang - Don Delisle
Dirty Plotte - Julie Doucet
Paul Has a Summer Job - Michel Rabagliatti
Pride of Baghdad - Brian K. Vaughan, illustrated by Nico Henrichon
Moon Knight: The Bottom - Charlie Huston, illustrated by David Finch
Swamp Thing - Scott Snyder, illustrated by Yanick Paquette
Susceptible - Genevieve Castree

It's a Good Life, If You Don't Weaken - Seth
Herman Classics - Jim Unger
The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl: Squirrel Power - Ryan North, illustrated by Erica Henderson
Dinosaur Comics - Ryan North
Essex County - Jeff Lemire
Animal Man: Volume 1 The Hunt - Jeff Lemire, illustrated by Travel Foreman
For Better or For Worse - Lynn Johnston
Scott Pilgrim - Brian Lee O'Malley
Northwest Passage - Scott Chantler
Runaways: Pride and Joy - Brian K. Vaughan, illustrated by Adrian Alphona
Ms. Marvel: Volume One No Normal - G. Willow Wilson, illustrated by Adrian Alphona
Through the Woods - Emily Carroll
Baba Yaga's Assistant - Marika McCoola, illustrated by Emily Carroll
Skim - Mariko Tamaki, illustrated by Jillian Tamaki
This One Summer - Mariko Tamaki, illustrated by Jillian Tamaki
Hyena in Petticoats - Willow Dawson
Rex Libris: I, Librarian - James Turner
Captain Canuck Volume 1 - Richard Comely, illustrated by George Freeman
Johnny Canuck - Leo Bachle
Jughead Vol. 1 - Chip Zdarsky, illustrated by Erica Henderson
Alpha Flight Classics - John Byrne
The Book of Losers - Ben Wicks
Night Wanderer - Drew Hayden Taylor, adapted by Alison Kooistra, illustrated by Michael Wyatt
Tru Detective - Norah McClintok, illustrated by Steven P. Hughes
Child Soldier - Jessica Dee Humphreys and Michel Chikwanie, illustrated by Claudia Davila
Susanna Moodie: Roughing it in the Bush - Carol Shields and Patrick Crowe, illustrated by Selena Goulding
In-Between Days - Teva Harrison
Jinx - J. Torres, illustrated by Rick Burchett

Louis Riel - Chester Brown
Moonshot - Edited by Hope Nicholson
Betty: The Helen Betty Osborne Story - David Alexander Robertson, illustrated by Scott B. Henderson

Look Straight Ahead - Elaine M. Will
You Might be from Saskatchewan If - Carson Demmans, illustrated by Jason Sylvestre
Devil Dealers - Ross May, illustrated by Brett Wood
War Crimes - Alison Tieman

Saga - Brian K. Vaughan, illustrated by Fiona Staples
Archie Volume One - Mark Waid, illustrated by Fiona Staples
Spawn, Origins Collection Volume One - Todd McFarlane
The Outside Circle - Patti LaBoucane-Benson, illustrated by Kelly Mellings

British Columbia
Binky the Space Cat - Ashley Spires
Black Canary Volume One: Kicking and Screaming - Brendan Fletcher, illustrated by Annie Wu, Pia Guerra, and Sandy Jarrell
Y: The Last Man - Brian K. Vaughan, illustrated by Pia Guerra
Red: A Haida Manga - Michael Nicoll Yahgulanaas
The Listener - David Lester
Rat Queens - Kurtis J. Wiebe (writer), illustrated by Roc Upchurch

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