Thursday, August 11, 2016

Reader's Diary #1351- Alexis Norton (writer), Dave Norton (artist): Escape From Alcatraz 4 The Doc Barker Gang

Continuing on in the great comics series, Escape From Alcatraz, is the 4th escape attempt and one of the more violent attempts led by the Doc Barker and his gang.

This particular attempt was interesting for a few reasons. Doc Barker, son of infamous "Ma" Barker, was shot and killed during his escape, the escapees intentionally sought to get time in "D Block" where the rowdier inmates were sent as an additional punishment (mistakenly believed by prison staff as the most secure block), and of personal interest to me, the plan good not have gotten as far as it did without the help of a trusty "librarian" (inmate Dale Stamphill delivered library books, along with contraband tools).

Dave Norton's art in this issue is some of the best in the whole series with black and white or sepia toned panels that have a near photo-realism. This is combined with a font mimicking old typewriter font, very much in keeping with the setting.

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