Friday, August 19, 2016

Reader's Diary #1357- Brandon Seifert (writer), Joko Budiono (artist): Escape from Alcatraz 10 Battle of '46

Continuing on with the Escape from Alcatraz series, comes the exceedingly violent "Battle of '46" written by Brandon Seifert and illustrated by Joko Budiono. During this escape attempt, people on both sides of the law lost their lives. If you visit Alcatraz today you can still see pock marks from a grenade that was thrown during this battle.

Reading these escape attempts, it's hard sometimes not to admire the dedication, creativity, and tenacity of some of the prison. This particular tale involves the methodological observation of the guards; where they kept their keys and guns, their routines, as well as sizing up potential bars for weaknesses and acquiring a contraband bar spreader.

It's not to suggest that Seifert (or other writers in this series) glamourized these criminals or their escape attempts, and indeed, bios let you know all about why they're there. Recently in Yellowknife we had an escaped murderer on the loose for 3 days — I know it's serious when it happens in real life and I know the deaths in the Battle of '46 were very much real. Still, from a distance, these are some exciting stories.

Budiono's sepia art, sometimes enhanced with bright reds to show blood, again helps set the historical and violent tone. Plus, his faces are very expressive, helping capture the fear, anger, and regret that must have plagued those involved.

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