Monday, September 05, 2016

Reader's Diary #1372- Gemma Files: Thin Places

Following Gemma Files' "Thin Places," the National Post tells us that she is an award-winning horror writer. Yet, just having read "Thin Places," I can say that it's not the kind of story I usually think of when I think of horror. This is realistic horror, more drama really. And, it's insightful; a look at grief and all of its manifestations. Nightmares, seeking answers, guilt.

And there are some just excellently written lines; honest, poignant, sadly witty:

One of the chief unspoken truths of parenthood is that a minute or so after you have a child, you soon find you’ve signed up for a lifetime spent doing things you don’t even vaguely want to do. And I knew from the very beginning that volunteering to chaperone my son’s first choir camp trip was definitely going to be one of those things, the memories you make mainly by agreeing to grin and bear it, for your child’s sake.

When a writer goes to such places, it makes me trust them. And when you can put your trust in a writer, things can get emotional (scary or otherwise) fast.

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