Thursday, September 08, 2016

Reader's Diary #1375- J. Torres (writer), Rick Burchett (artist): Jinx

Sprinkled throughout Archie Digests and Pep Comics since 1947, Jinx was more commonly known as L'il Jinx, a rough-and-tumble, precocious girl with a handful of friends. But while the teenage Archie gang often got the "L'il" treatment in "L'il Archie" comics, the reverse wasn't true for L'il Jinx until J. Torres' 2011 graphic novel Jinx. Jinx was now in high school.

I think Jinx is best viewed as a precursor to the more critically acclaimed Archie reboots (Mark Waid's Archie, Chip Zdarsky's Jughead, for example). Torres's storylines are just a tad on the juvenile side (Jinx fights to be the only girl on the football team, a boy who has a crush on her calls her names) but a little self-awareness on that front helps to tamp down the cloying cliches. Burchett's art, however, was particularly disappointing. Looking at his rough sketches included in the back, they looked fine and I was surprised how little I enjoyed the end product. The final lines looked broken and almost hesitant rather than confident and worst of all, character expressions were overdone, resulting in goofy rather than funny faces. Like Heather Graham when she tries to do comedy. Also disappointing was the colouring. It had that spray-paint by a computer look where everything has a consistent shine, even clothing.

Still, not the worst comic ever and enough to convince me that Jinx's teenage years deserve an audience.

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