Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Reader's Diary #1384- Deborah Marcero: Ursa's Light

As adults, we sure do like to classify things. Like arts and sciences. Mutually exclusive, right? Deborah Marcelo's picture book Ursa's Light reminds us all how wrong that assumption is. Not that her child readers would need such a reminder because what arts and sciences have in common is perhaps a child's greatest strength: imagination.

Ursa, the titular character and anthropomorphic bear, has an even bigger imagination than most. Full of wild ideas, she wakes up one morning determined to fly. She studies birds, bats, and dandelion seeds for inspiration, sketches her plans, and of course, experiments, never giving up when one device after another, just like in real life aviation history, has her crashing back down to Earth. Finally though, it is through artistic expression that Ursa succeeds.

Marcero's characters are wide-eyed and friendly and her backdrops are full of subtle but aesthetically pleasing patterns.

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