Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Reader's Diary #1390- James Robinson (writer), various artists: Scarlet Witch Volume 1 Witches' Road

Ever since I'd seen those gorgeous covers by David Aja I'd been wanting to get my hands on the collected volume of Scarlet Witch comics. I'm not sure what I was thinking— I've seen enough superhero comics by now to know that it's quite common practice to have someone else do the cover art. It's also a rather annoying one as it doesn't exactly help readers know what to expect inside.

I really enjoyed James Robinson's writing on this series. Especially well done was the development of Scarlet Witch's character; she's had a troubled past for which she's trying to atone and it's even revealed that she's taking medication for depression. I thought she had a lot of depth and as she travels the world seeking to right the broken witchcraft, it's hard not to root for her.

The art, on the other hand, was more problematic and suffered most due to inconsistency. It starts off quite strong with Vanesa Del Rey's vintage horror look, very similar to Robert Hack's work on the new Sabrina series, but Del Rey's out after a single comic, replaced by Marco Rudy in issue 2. I suppose, given the globetrotting nature of the story, different artists can be justified somewhat to capture certain locales and Rudy does paint a beautiful picture of Greece. Plus, he's pretty inventive in his water colours, reminding me of David Mack's work; perhaps not as great as Mack, but still interesting. Then it starts to go down hill with the introduction of the generic art of Steve Dillon in issue 3. Chris Visions and Javier Pulido's work on issues 4 and 5 were better, but by this time I was just wishing for a more unified collection overall. 

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