Monday, October 03, 2016

Reader's Diary #1392- Jana G. Pruden: The Crichton Farm

There's that legendary supreme court line about pornography and the difficult matter of defining it when recognizing it is relatively easy. Reflecting upon Jana G. Pruden's "The Crichton Farm," it is clear that the same can be said for creative non-fiction.

"The Crichton Farm" reads like a regular (i.e., fiction) short story. So much so that I was more than halfway through before I realized that it even was true. Using Instagram's new story feature, Pruden uses 12 photos as prompts to tell a story about an Albertan family befallen by one tragedy after another but somehow persevering. It is only when I got to a photo of a woman signing a book that I realized that the story must be true. This actually came at a good time because I was just starting to think that the number of tragedies was actually too overdone to be believable!

Of course, the format alone also makes the story worthy of the "creative" label, a fantastic use of the Instagram feature. That said, when I stumbled upon it at first it was difficult to find the 12 pieces in order. Luckily the pieces are so succinct and rich that they almost work as 12 separate stories. Still, for now the best bet to read all 12 in order is to go to Pruden's Twitter feed where she offers links to all 12 parts. As these will eventually be buried further down her Twitter scroll, I'll also offer the 12 links here:

Part one
Part two
Part three
Part four
Part five
Part six
Part seven
Part eight
Part nine
Part ten
Part eleven
Part twelve

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