Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Reader's Diary #1393- Matt Fraction and Ed Brubaker (writers), David Aja: The Immortal Iron Fist (The Complete Collection)

Really enjoying Luke Cage, the latest gritty Marvel superhero show from Netflix, I'm also trying to get a jump start on next year's addition to the slate, Iron Fist, by reading the complete acclaimed run on the character by Matt Fraction, Ed Brubaker, and David Aja (actually, a few more had their hands in this volume as well, but those are the main guys).

In the sense that it's given me an appreciation for Danny Rand the character and Iron Fist the concept, I'm glad that I read it. Rand is thoughtful, loyal, strong, and though the book is quite violent, he doesn't relish violence, nor shun it. He seems to have a pragmatic appreciation verging on Zen. He's the latest in a long line of Iron Fists, those blessed and trained with a magical martial art from a mystical city known as K'un Lun.

But as a story, I found it all to be a convoluted, over-stuffed mess. There's a madman trying to K'un Lun and the other mystical cities, a tournament, a bunch of underwhelming Hydra guys, a kidnapping, and it's all rather unfortunate considering there are seeds of great stories everywhere, none of which are allowed to blossom. The most compelling is the sense of history, the idea of being part of, and learning from, a larger legacy while protecting it from a cancerous turn.

I'm not at all sure how it'll all work in the street level Netflix world of Marvel with such lofty and worldly constructs, but I'm very curious to find out.

The art, the stuff done by David Aja, is excellent and I'm quickly becoming a big fan. It tends to have thin lines with thick shadows and it almost resemble wood prints. This especially works with the timeless story of the Iron Fist.

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