Monday, October 17, 2016

Reader's Diary #1398- Pascal Chatterjee: annie96 is typing

When I was a teen, a buddy of mine called me up one night and asked what I was wearing. I thought at first he was joking. (You know, with fake "sexy" talk.) But I was game. "What do you think I'm wearing?" "Your purple shirt?"

Wait, how did he know that?

It turned out he'd just slowly awakened to find me playing me with his stereo. And yes, I was wearing a purple shirt. It was the early 90s, what can I say. But then he rubbed his eyes and poof, I was gone!

Nothing else creepier than that happened. And, if I'm being logical about the whole thing, I suppose I wore that shirt a lot so it wouldn't have been strange to dream of me wearing it. Still, it freaked it us a bit at the time.

You'll perhaps understand why I bring that memory up after reading Pascal Chatterjee's very uniquely told "annie96 is typing." While I link to it here, it's best that you read it on a phone. Trust me on this. Told in a "found footage" scenario of an archived text chat, you'll need to click your way through the story. Sound gimmicky? Sure, it is. But the gimmick works wonderfully here and what could be a pretty generic horror story is made all the more creepy the way you force it to unfold before your very eyes, seemingly in real time.

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