Monday, October 31, 2016

Reader's Diary #1406- Nancy Brewka-Clark: Thicker Than Blood

There are obviously different levels of fear of which we're comfortable and we differ greatly on what we find scary. This became very obvious to me this past month as my daughter and I took on a horror movie marathon. Everything from The Blob to Scream to Ouija: Origins of Evil. We didn't always agree on which ones were scary (we watched about 15 in total), but it's a tradition I hope we continue.

I think we'd both agree however that "Thicker Than Blood" by Nancy Brewka-Clark would fit in the lighter end of the fear factor. Nonetheless it's got some pretty classic Halloween elements combined with light touches of humour that make it pretty enjoyable. It involves a couple of bone-headed thugs who are convinced that Miss McKee, the oldest resident of their town, is a vampire. One of the thugs is determined to join in her in the ranks of the immortal.

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