Monday, November 21, 2016

Reader's Diary #1413- Elise Holland: Tattered Cotton

I like to see real middle class domestic life in my stories and TV. A little less sheen, an acknowledgement that we're not all supermodels living in immaculately mini-mansions and wearing designer clothes fresh out of the store. This is not to say I want us always presented as slobs either, and Elise Holland does a supremely fair job of balancing it all.

"Tattered Cotton" is a simple story really. There's a couple who are now in that real stage of couples life. Worn clothing, complete with holes, simple conversations about supper, not a lot of sleep or free time, 2 kids. But in love nonetheless or because of it all. Still, when finding themselves with a night to themselves, they make the most of it. The story, from the woman's point of view, is about getting fixed up for their date. As the husband points out, he's attracted to her when she's less than fancy. But still, fancy is appreciated on both sides on occasion.

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