Monday, November 28, 2016

Reader's Diary #1417- Sally Clark: Moo

Some plays I read and enjoy and don't care if I ever see it performed. Other plays I read, don't enjoy, and think that perhaps it best be seen. Sally Clark's Moo is one that I thoroughly enjoyed reading and has left me wanting to see it.

Moo is a dark, fast-paced comedy about one of those typical disaster couples. The Sid and Nancy type. I don't think I'm alone in stating that Harry, the Sid in this equation, is easily the villain of the two, but Clark also goes out of her way to chip away at any sympathy one might feel towards Moo, the Nancy. The play opens with Harry having Moo locked up in an insane asylum under false pretenses. Yet that is not a deal breaker.

It's a quirky story and one that could provide much fodder for intelligent debate, yet for all of that, it's accessible and works just fine as pure entertainment.

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Eric P said...

It's definitely interesting how perception/reception of literature varies. I just read through Moo and didn't enjoy it all. What I wanted to see was Moo on her globe-trotting adventures, always a step or two behind Harry, and we don't get that. Instead, we see Moo as a very young woman, and then as a broken woman, sliding into senility at 60! Anyway, different strokes and all that.