Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Reader's Diary #1418- Marc Andreyko (writer), various artists: Wonder Woman '77 Volume 1

After the success of Batman '66, the comic based on the old Adam West TV series, I'm not shocked that DC would try to replicate that with Wonder Woman '77, this time based on the Linda Carter series.

Largely, I would suppose this is another win. That said, I've never actually seen the Linda Carter series so, whereas I could give praise to Jeff Parker and illustrators for capturing the whimsy of the old Batman series, I cannot say whether or not Marc Andreyko and crew were able to replicate the feel of the old Wonder Woman series. I would say it does give a pretty accurate portrayal of the 70s, but that's as far as I can go.

However, I can state that it works as a fun, low-stakes comic book series. Not yet having found a Wonder Woman comic that has really worked for me in terms of offering me compelling stories or endearing me to the character, this series doesn't quite achieve either of those either. That said, it's the first one that I've nonetheless enjoyed.

Now if they'll just do a Superman '78 series based on the old Christopher Reeves movies, we'd be all set.

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