Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Reader's Diary #1430- Various writers and authors: Civil War II Choosing Sides

Last year I read World War Hulk Frontline, mistakenly believing it was a compilation of the famous World War Hulk comics. I was disappointed to learn that the particular story I'd been interested in was told elsewhere and this was only a story from the periphery, involving smaller characters whose own involvement was minimal at best.

And here I am again with Civil War II: Choosing Sides. This year's Marvel Event was the much maligned Civil War II. Once again the superheroes are torn apart by philosophical differences, this time over predictive justice. It seems that an inhuman named Ulysses has the ability to tell the future. One half of the superheroes want to use this info to stop criminals before they become criminals, the other half see this as unfair and problematic. (This was a rather throw away plot on Agents of Shield that lasted for all of an episode or two.)

But Civil War II doesn't really delve into that all that much, instead dealing again with lesser known characters and/or those whose involvement is minimal at best. On the cover you see a veritable who's who of Marvel superheroes, while on the inside most of these appear briefly if at all.

This all said, it's slightly more enjoyable than World War Hulk Frontline and that's for a couple of reasons. First off, keeping up on comic book websites and social media, this time around I feel like I already know enough about the main event that the side-stories aren't completely lost on me. Secondly, there's more variety of characters here.

Still, I'm amongst those who question the need and appeal for the whole Civil War II event in the first place, so this compilation is rather like milking a sick cow. Not even a cameo from Canada's own Justin Trudeau makes it worthwhile.

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