Tuesday, December 27, 2016

The 2016 Book Mine Set Short Story Anthology

Another 52 weeks, another 52 short stories found for free and online. The links below offer my thoughts on each story and embedded in each of those posts you'll find links to the stories themselves. Though I've ranked them from least to most favourite, few were the stories I didn't enjoy at all.

52. "The Swing" by Salomat Vafo, translated by Kosim Mamurov
51. "The Shomer and the Boreal Owl" by Stephen Marche
50. "A Canadian Over Hiroshima" by D.M. Gillis
49. "Untechnological Employment" by E.M. Clinton
48. "1993" by S.L. Dixon 
47. "Amundsen" by Alice Munro
46. "The United States has Gone Crazy" by Stuart Ross
45. "A Short Story About Contemporary Life in California" by Richard Brautigan
44. "She's Gone West Indie" by Bryan Manning
43."Star Maven" by Sarah Crysl Akhtar
42. "The Woman who Tried to be Good" by Edna Ferber
41. "The Nine Billion Names of God" by Arthur C. Clarke
40. "Thicker Than Blood" by Nancy Brewka-Clark
39. "A Dragonfly Dashed by My Face" by Carmelinda Scian
38. "The Christmas Goblins" by Charles Dickens
37. "The Green Honda" by Don McLellan
36. "The Phantom Coach" by Amelia B. Edwards
35. "Second Job" by Liz Betz
34. "The Pale Man" by Julius Long
33. "Three Tshakapesh Dreams" by Samuel Archibald
32. "The Crichton Farm" by Jana G. Pruden
31. "Scatter" by Rosalie Kempthorne
30. "Ewwrrrkk" by Souvankham Thammavongsa
29. "Sherlock Holmes and the Christmas Mystery" by John Walsh
28. "The Blogger Wolf" by Douglas Sovern
27. "Sheets of Earth" by Silvina Ocampo, translated by Daniel Balderston
26. "Treaties" by Leanne Betasamosake Simpson
25. "A Jungle Graduate" by James Francis Dwyer
24. unnamed by Sean Hill
23. "Let Us Pray" by Melanie Carstens
22. "Mallam Sile" by Mohammed Naseehu Ali
21. "Strawberry Lipstick" Kseniya Melnik
20. "Questions Surrounding my Disappearance" by Edward Riche
19. "Borges in Vegas" by Phillip Koch
18. "The Immortal Bard" by Isaac Asimov
17. "One Good Thing" by Charlene Carr
16. "Good King" by Andrew F. Sullivan
15. "Smile" by Mubashir Ali Zaidi
14. "Tattered Cotton" by Elise Holland
13. "Where Are The Men?" by Austin Clarke
12. "Igloolik" by Taqralik Partridge
11."In the Cemetery Where Al Jolson is Buried" by Amy Hempel


10. "The Ward" by Andrew Pyper
9. "The Silent Whisper" by Maclean Patrick
8. "Thin Places" by Gemma Files
7. "Wild Swimming" by Elodie Harper
6. "Off Days" by Shane Jones
5. "BOOM!" by Kimberley Jean Smith
4. "annie96 is typing" by Pascal Chatterjee
3. "Give Yourself Nightmares" by Billie Livingston
2. "Mountain Under Sea" by D. W. Wilson
1. "The Knowers" by Helen Phillips

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