Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Reader's Diary #1434- Jeff Lemire and Ray Fawkes (writers), Mikel Janin (artist): Justice League Dark Volume 3 The Death of Magic

While Justice League Dark remains my favourite part of DC Comics, I couldn't help but feel that this volume was less than a sum of its parts.

Undeniably there are some cool, creative ideas here, especially in the first science versus magic arc. Besides the intriguing premise, the main characters get the fan-boy treatment, seeing them have fundamental character traits flipped on their heads. Normally sexy Black Orchid is turned into a purple beast, Deadman is alive (albeit temporarily), forever youthful Madame Xanadu is aging rapidly, and John Constantine (adding the most comic relief) cannot lie. In the second arc, Horror City, the House of Mystery is stolen, and Swamp Thing is called in to help find it. Being a huge Swamp Thing fan, this was most welcomed.Tracing it to New York, it seems that the House is now being used to plague the city with nightmare creatures, creatures literally crafted from nightmares. The Flash also shows to help, and though I like the Flash, I hate it when the regular Justice Leaguers encroach upon this world. It also seems like a publisher's directive, like they don't have faith that Justice League Dark can sell enough comics without a cameo from the more recognizable brand names.

In any case, it was more the rushed story telling that took away from my enjoyment. Especially with the first arc, it felt to build, build, build, and boom, it was over. Certain characters and plot lines never wound up getting developed and the resolution was underwhelming.

Again though, I really like these characters, and even a weaker JLD story is better than a JL story.

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