Saturday, January 21, 2017

Reader's Diary #1439- Chris Hastings (writer), Danilo Beyruth (artist): The Unbelieveable Gwenpool Volume 1 Believe It

Two of DC and Marvel's hottest properties right now are the misfits Harley Quinn and Deadpool respectively. Gwenpool is really no more than an amalgam of the two, an attempt to cash in. Gwenpool combines the 4th-wall breaking meta-humour, and well, the name, of Deadpool with the lack of superpowers and well, short shorts, of Harley Quinn. And with both characters she shares a penchant for hyper-violence.

Perhaps the one unique feature is that her 4th wall-breaking is explained. Supposedly, Gwenpool has woken up to find herself in comic book land. As an avid comic book reader she knows the Marvel heroes and villains inside and out, even (to their chagrin) their secrets. Because she doesn't quiet believe any of the action going on around her is real, she carries herself as such. She makes quips about the movie versions, the difference between comic book artists, and so on. It also takes a bit of the edge of her propensity for killing, considering it's all fake to her anyway. Unless she's making them uncomfortable with insider knowledge, those around her just assume she's crazy as a loon.

So, despite some lack of originality, Hastings has nonetheless made an entertaining comic. Beyruth's art isn't particularly inspired either, but Gwenpool has a fun design and the characters are suitably expressive for a humour-based action comic.

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