Monday, January 30, 2017

Reader's Diary #1443- Mohamed El-Bisatie: A Conversation from the Third Floor

The title of Mohamed El-Bisatie's "A Conversation from the Third Floor" is a more apt description than referring to this as a short story. There's no conflict and it ends more abruptly than it begins.

The conversation in question is between a woman on the ground outside and her husband who speaks from behind the bars of a prison.

For all the abruptness and questionable purpose, it's nonetheless interesting. I think we tend to think of prisons as a drastic left turn in a timeline. The wife and husband in this case try their best (which turns up insufficient at times) to carry on with their domestic life. In that, there's a certain determined attitude, or is it a lack of other ideas? Is the wife, for instance, unwilling to accept the circumstance and move on with her life or does she know any other way forward?

Window by UtahSolitaire, on Flickr

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