Monday, February 06, 2017

Reader's Diary #1445- Mezbauddin Mahtab: A Little Early Story

The ironic thing about such racist actions as Trump's recent travel ban is the way they wind up uniting and strengthening the very people they mean to destroy. Indeed, it's united Muslim communities with one another and with non-Muslims.

That said, there's still a residual effect that nuances and differences are ignored. This can be good, of course, when there's a common goal, but it also lends itself to stereotypes. Mezbauddin Mahtab's "A Little Early Story" is an excellent reminder that just as in other faiths, Islam has a huge variety of beliefs and even more importantly, differences come down to the individual level as well.

It's also superbly told; weaving in and out of various characters' heads, there's an energy and mesmerizing flow.

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