Monday, February 20, 2017

Reader's Diary #1450- Bruce Handy: The Year in Internet Memes and Social-Media Obsessions

Written just a little over a year ago, Bruce Handy's "The Year in Internet Memes and Social-Media Obsessions" was surprising to find in the New Yorker. Frankly it feels like something a middle school English teenager might assign to his students, hoping to appear hip: try to work all the memes of 2015 that you can find into a short story, a mashup if you will.

Not that it's not an amusing look back at some memes that are hard to believe are 2 years old already, but it has about as much substance as the memes themselves. Again, fine, but the New Yorker? I suppose towards the end it gets a little into satire category (offering a subtle counter point), so the assignment gets an A-.

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