Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Reader's Diary #1453- Jeff Lemire (writer), Andrea Sorrentino (artist): Old Man Logan Volume 1 Berzerker

With the new Logan movie set to hit theatres this Friday, I thought I'd start looking at this older version of the Wolverine character that I've heard so much about. Not that Wolverine has ever been my favourite superhero by any stretch. He's always come across as too macho and too cranky for me.

Still, I quite liked this book. Written by Jeff Lemire, I'm not shocked at that. He gives Logan some of that fatherly angst that Lemire does so well, but also handles the strange premise expertly. Old Man Logan is initially set in a future where there are hardly any mutants or superheroes left. Logan himself has a family and refuses to use his claws. Even more strange, the Hulk's inbred and villainous offspring have taken over. That's all weird enough, but now with Logan's family slaughtered and him waking up back in the present day, he goes about trying to prevent it all by hunting down those that would be responsible some day. Being Marvel though, it turns out that the present day where Logan has awaken may not be the same universe at all.

If you can follow that, it's an interesting piece of sci-fi and with well-developed characters to boot. However there are still a couple of points worth mentioning:

1. It is marginally helpful to understanding the movie at best. The comics, of course, can make use of any character whereas the movie rights to these are all over the map. For now, you won't see the Hulk and the Wolverine in the same film, so there has to be some rather large changes.

2. Despite this being "volume 1" of the trades, there is an earlier series of the same title (written by Mark Millar, Brian Bendis, and Jeff Lemire respectively). Still, this Volume 1 (geez, Marvel doesn't make it easy to find one's way around, do they?) is a fine jumping on point and there's enough background info given to catch a reader up to speed.

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Buried In Print said...

So either too macho or too cranky would have been manageable, but the combo was deadly?! (KIdding.) I know what you mean: sometimes characters just don't strike you right, no matter the surface appeal. This series sounds like fun, though I'm reluctant to add more GN series to my list just now, when it seems to be always about adding new ones and never catching up!