Monday, March 06, 2017

Reader's Diary #1454- Donald Hubbard: Meat Shop

Last week a couple of sisters who'd disappeared from Alberta way back in the 80s were found alive and well, kicking about in the U.S.. Though the details of the case were scant, many news outlets picked up on the story because perhaps of the happy ending but likely also because it's a sensational story that gets the imagination cranking.

Of course, when it's not a movie (or short story), we can more readily ignore the life that must have been lead to lead people to walk away unannounced, we can pretend that their lives, like all lives, are not inextricably entwined with others and to cut ties so dramatically affects everyone.

Donald Hubbard's flash fiction, "Meat Shop," has some fun with a similar idea, hinting at some of the high stakes involved, but still keeping it on the level of sensational entertainment.

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Barbara Bruederlin said...

You touch upon the zeitgeist very nicely. I'm going in for a read!