Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Reader's Diary #1572- Kelly Sue DeConnick (writer), Valentine De Landro (art): Bitch Planet 1 Extraordinary Machine

I've been on a very fortunate roll with some pretty amazing comics lately and that trend continues big time with Kelly Sue DeConnick and Valentine De Landro's Bitch Planet 1 Extraordinary Machine.

It will come as no surprise given the title that Bitch Planet is quite a provocative read. It revolves around a dystopian world where women who don't comply (i.e., put up with male crap), are sent to an outer space prison camp known informally as Bitch Planet. On top of it all, a select group of these women are now expected to compete against men in a rigged competition, all for ratings in a televised event.

Make no mistake, these are tough, independent women with a range of personalities and backstories and it's next to impossible not to root for them (except of course, if you're a misogynistic a-hole).

Even more engaging is the awesome art. Influences from Tarantino to Lucha Libre to vintage comics to 1950's B-movies abound, complementing the drama with sensationally ironic eye-candy. Violence is in the air and it feels empowering!

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