Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Reader's Diary #1573- Erik Burnham (writer), Dan Schoening (writer): The New Ghostbusters

Sigh. There goes my run of amazing graphic novels.

The New Ghostbusters by Erik Burnham is bad. Very bad. It seems to owe much more to the old cartoon than the old movie and nothing to the new movie, except that it has female ghostbusters.

Its humour consists of unwitty sarcasm and slapstick. The story is needlessly convoluted and easily resolved. The characters are uninteresting, almost interchangeable with one another.

Even the art is bad. Schoening relies on goofy expressions and the setting and layouts are pretty unremarkable. I will say, however, that he at least did a better job than the cover artist, Carlos Valenzuela. Valenzuela seemed to have no idea what the final characters would look like. I somehow missed the Sofia Vergara/ Jennifer Lopez hybrid and the Indiana Jones with the oversized head.

Seriously, no redeeming qualities. Perhaps all the excellent comics I've been reading in recent weeks are making me judge this one extra harshly...

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