Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Reader's Diary #1590- Dan Abnett (writer), Luke Ross (artist): Hercules Still Going Strong

Though he was in the periphery of many Marvel comics that I've read, I still didn't know much about Hercules. Of course, I'm a little familiar with the non-Marvel mythology, but I've been a little in the dark with how he's been interpreted by Marvel.

This is not a bad collection to understand his role at Marvel, though perhaps best to see where he's going rather than where he's been. It's not an origin story (i.e., how he has wound up in present day New York), but there are hints of his drunken, playboy past as he has now decided to get his life back on track, to stop being a joke and return to his hero roots.

The action is good (it involves a new class of "gods" who are trying to get rid of any left from the old mythology, but the sub-story of Hercules' battle with alcoholism brings it a notch higher than standard fare. Considering he goes around shirtless (and hairy) with a man-bun, the humanity angle was also much needed to take him serious as a character.

The art is fine, if rather generic.

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