Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Reader's Diary #1591- Various writers and artists: X-23 Complete Series

In the early 2000s Marvel began its MAX imprint with edgier, uncensored titles. I've read a few titles from this run, but how the X-23 stories didn't fall under this banner, I have no idea. They certainly disturbed me more than say, the Punisher.

Of course, we all have certain lines that make us more uncomfortable and child abuse is one of mine. If you've seen Stranger Things and were bothered over Eleven's childhood as a weaponized experiment, magnify that by... well, 11, and then don't let up on it. There's a lot of physical and emotional abuse is what I'm saying.

If that doesn't make you turn away, the stories are still thrilling and, perhaps because of the abuse and X-23's determination to be good, to rise above everyone's ill intentions and stop being used, it's next to impossible not to root for her. A secondary, but also compelling character is X-23's mother who is treated with an unexpected level of complexity for a comic book where good and evil tends to be black and white.

With many artists involved, it's not consistent in quality, but it's largely good. Mike Choi's work on the "Target X" story line was my favourite with its realism and artistic paneling, plus superior colouring by Sonia Oback.  

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