Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Reader's Diary #1597- Peter Milligan and Larry Hama (writers), Mike Deodato Jr. (artist): Elektra The Complete Collection

A funny thing happened while reading this collection: I went from hating the art to forgetting about it (not the same as enjoying it) while not minding the story-telling to hating it.

Mike Deodato Jr.'s art was sexist and lame. Elektra's body proportions and movements looked so exaggerated and impossible I seriously began to suspect that he used a Barbie doll. Worse still, he then broke that Barbie doll's spine so that she could heave out her chest as much as possible and dressed her a one piece that barely covered her vulva let alone her butt.. to fight in!

Thankfully I didn't mind Elektra's character and looked forward to getting to know her. The vengeful woman who is desperately trying her damnedest to be good is intriguing and likeable. Eventually however her story got bogged down with two dimensional side characters. I'd be okay with secondary characters, of course, put these were either poorly written or underdeveloped. First there was Mac, her Steven Segal-looking boyfriend without the personality. Then there was Konrad, a Broadway director whose personality gets trapped in a woman's body. I feel like they tried something progressive there, but failed miserably. There was nothing stating that Konrad was transsexual before and yet he seems to quickly come to peace with this new body. Um. I don't think the message that people should be happy regardless of the sex is of their current physical form is as progressive as all that. Finally there was Nina, a teenage girl that Elektra takes in early on in the collection, barely interacts with, then watches her get killed. Of course, being Marvel, she comes back to life and I guess it's supposed to be emotionally gut-wrenching when she then turns on Elektra, but the bond was never adequately established in the first place.

All in all, this was a disappointing collection.

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