Thursday, June 15, 2017

Reader's Diary #1606- Patrick Ledwell: I Am An Islander

In a lot of ways, Patrick Ledwell's I Am An Islander reminded me of Nancy Gardiner's Hairy Leg News. Both are pretty short on focus, but both do an admirable job of using disjointed, humorous anecdotes to depict a pretty average life in their respective province/territory.

That said, Ledwell's is set in Prince Edward Island whereas Gardiner's is set in the Northwest Territories. In some ways the places appear similar (both seem to eschew the pretentiousness and pace of larger city life) but in at least a few ways, they are also different. The way Ledwell described how Islanders will not rest until they traced your family tree just would never fly in the north. It's way too transient here for that.

Not all of Ledwell's observations are necessarily unique to the Island or even an Islander's perspective, but that's fair. Likewise, some entries are funnier than others. Nonetheless, it's a lighthearted, entertaining way to get a feel for Prince Edward Island and the culture. 

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