Monday, June 26, 2017

Reader's Diary #1613- Terri-Lynn Quewezance: Wapihti

Terri-Lynn Quewezance's "Wapihti" is a heartwarming story of a young Woods Cree girl who wanders into a meadow to offer a green ribbon to the sacred guardian. There's a gentleness to the story, despite the approach of a wolf and a bear and this gentleness can largely be attributed to the peaceful demeanor of the girl. Along with the offering, she also helps other animals (a baby bird that has fallen from a tree, a trapped beaver) and almost as karma, Wapihti is spared, or at least, there's a sense of balance.

I haven't read a lot of calming stories lately, nor spent enough time with nature. This is a great reminder to do more of each.

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