Monday, July 03, 2017

Reader's Diary #1616- Peter Jordan: Broody

Peter Jordan's "Broody" is a flash fiction story about a man who's checked into a hotel to brood after an argument with is wife.

It's a subtle story in a way, but I suspect the gist is that the narrator-protagonist is comparing himself to an overweight gentleman in the pool in order to feel better about himself and situation.

I'll admit though that I was very distracted by all the swimming cap references. The narrator is concerned at first that the overweight man is about to swim with a cap (until he pulls one out). Then the caps of others in the pool are described. Is this a British thing? I've never seen or heard of so many caps in a Canadian pool and in fact, unless they've been on professional swimmers, I don't recall ever seeing a swimming cap.

That aside, a nice quick piece of observation if nothing else.

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