Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Reader's Diary #1618- Geoff Johns (witer), Rags Morales (artist): Hawkman Book One

I'd never taken DC Comics' Hawkman all that seriously before. Having one of the most ridiculous costumes, he's always seemed a bit of a joke to me.

Still, Geoff Johns is usually a safe bet and so I wondered if I could come to appreciate Hawkman under his pen.

On that front, yes. When a writer can make you accept the unbelievable, I'd say he's been successful. I was caught up with this character, his history, his new challenges and by and large I was into this book.

There was a scene though that essentially ruined it for me. It involved Hawkgirl, a character who was so vital to this book it should have been called Hawkman and Hawkgirl. She's seen having a nightmare, recalling a repressed memory of when a couple of police officers had attempted to rape her (as a child) and her mother. It's dark. And the debate about whether or not rape should be used as a plot device notwithstanding, the larger issue (for me) was the fact that Rags Morales decides that this is an appropriate time to depict the adult Hawkgirl topless and in a pair of undersized underwear. It's so tone-deaf it's absolutely gross.

I was all set to praise the creators for breathing new life into Hawkman, on selling such an outlandish idea. But if I'm being honest, Rags Morales' tasteless choice will be the scene I'll unfortunately remember from the whole collection.

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