Friday, July 07, 2017

Reader's Diary #1620- Geoff Johns (writer), Gary Frank (artist): Shazam! Volume 1

So here's another character that Geoff Johns has helped rescue from obscurity: Shazam (actually Captain Marvel, but as that's also a Marvel Comics character and makes more sense for them, DC hardly ever refers to him by that name anymore.)

And he's done a remarkable job with this one. Billy Batson is a street-wise orphan, a young teenager, whose bitterness leads to some pretty poor choices. But when he's given the opportunity to become Shazam, his better side starts to shine through.

It works so well because you root for Billy and his newly adopted family. Plus, reminiscent of Tom Hanks' Big (Shazam's body is of an adult male), there's a fun tone.

Gary Frank's art is great (you can totally see the same features in the teen/adult faces) and it's coloured beautifully by Brad Anderson (check out the glow around the Christmas lights).

Small issue with how easily the villain, Black Adam, is overthrown but there's a sense that it's only a minor setback for him and I look forward to his return.

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