Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Reader's Diary #1626- Brian Michael Bendis (writer), Stefano Caselli (artist): Riri Williams / Invincible Ironman Ironheart Vol. 1

Not that I don't enjoy many DC Comics, but I'm definitely a Marvel man. One of the sticking points for me for DC was the Teen Titans, most of whom were just teenage versions of existing superheroes. Perhaps it's my Marvel bias, but I'm not, however, opposed to the new versions of classic Marvel characters, most of whom are also teenage (Spider-Man, Ms. Marvel, the Hulk, etc). One reason I'm enjoying them more is because— and it's about time— they're not white.

Of course, the stories need to still be good. It needs to feel organic, not forced. By and large, Riri's first turn as Ironman's replacement, Ironheart, is a success. She's a rich character with brains and just enough emotional baggage to keep her interesting without being over the top. There are a couple of moments where she (or Bendis) are arguably proselytizing progressive attitudes but the case could also be made that Riri is just meant to be a very woke character (fitting for her age).

The art is pretty decent; standard superhero-brand realism, but great character expressions and colouring.

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