Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Reader's Diary #1627- Doug Urquhart: Eyes of the Husky

I'll be honest; the only reasons I chose to read Doug Urquhart's Eyes of the Husky was the fact that it was a) comics and b) written by a northerner. I wasn't particularly impressed by the art on the cover and the example of humour shown was of the "men are [insert stereotype here] while women are [insert stereotype here]" variety.

I adapted more quickly to the art, which is better than the cover would suggest. Also, Urquhart provides side notes to all of the strips, and many times these explain his artistic technique. He clearly knew very well what he was doing.

As for the stereotypes, yes, those remained bountiful throughout. He seems to think that true northerners, especially the men, are all great outdoors people. He'd probably be disgusted that a homebound dandy like myself have managed to live happily in the north for 15 years. In any case, the stereotypes are usually used to show humorous contrasts (between scientists and bushmen, men and women, man and beast, northerners and southerners) and though grossly generalized all seem to be in good jest. And I'll even concede that often I found some kernels of truth. More importantly I did remain amused.

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