Monday, August 07, 2017

Reader's Diary #1633- Tiana Reid: Stories From Saint-Martin

Early on in Tiana Reid's collection of "Stories From Saint-Martin," I found myself questioning the way I read. This constant comparing and contrasting to myself. At first I almost gave myself an easy out: it's just human nature. She talks about body insecurities, I think about my own. This is the way we read, I told myself.

But if it's truly human nature, why do schools spend so much time trying to teach it? Clearly it doesn't come natural to all readers. Maybe it doesn't natural to anyone, maybe it's all learned. Strong readers, we're told, make personal connections.

This makes the story all about you in a sense. I began to wonder, does this make us bad listeners?

Race, or more specifically racism against black people, comes up a few times in Reid's stories. As a white male, this is clearly not something I can truly relate to. I suppose that's where the "contrast" comes in (vs. "compare"), but I don't know, when I was reading those parts, I wondered if it wasn't wrong that I couldn't shut my brain off and just listen for once.

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