Thursday, August 10, 2017

Reader's Diary #1635- Geoff Johns and Jeff Katz (writers), Dan Jurgens (artist): Booster Gold Vol. 1 52 Pick-Up

My first exposure to Booster Gold was with the Death of Superman comics and at the time I read it (just last year), I was not impressed. For a character as important as Superman, it felt odd that DC Comics wouldn't have sent in the other big guns as supporting characters; instead of Bat Man, The Flash, and Wonder Woman, we got Maxima, Bloodwynd, and Booster Gold.

To be fair to Booster Gold, I've since heard more about him and though he may not be the biggest name in DC Comics, he's got his share of fans. I was willing to give the guy another chance.

And though I'd not go as far as saying that the character has become a favourite, I didn't dislike him this time around. He's meant to be a bit of a laughing stock, but this time around Johns and Katz have infused him with more humility. He's been known (rather annoyingly, in my opinion) as being a bit of a fame whore, so it's kind of perfect that this time around, as a guardian of the "real" time line, Gold has to save the world behind the scenes. He's also made more likeable by his inability to get over the loss of his best friend (some argue, more than best friend): the Blue Beetle. Making him care deeply about someone other than himself was quite necessary.

Booster Gold is somewhere between a humorous character and an action character, but the writers, combined with Jurgens' expressive characters, find the balance admirably.

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