Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Reader's Diary #1640- Luke Lieberman (writer), Walter Geovani (artist): Red Sonja Wrath of the Gods 1 - 5

Wanting to know more about this Red Sonja character, I recently found the Wrath of the Gods arc from Dynamite comics.

So, very early on, I began once again to despair about my gender. Sometimes I really don't get males. Red Sonja is supposed to be a kick ass heroine, leading one to believe her male creators were supportive of female empowerment. But then she's completely and constantly objectified. Always shown in an impractically skimpy costume (even in the snow!), scene and scene drawn from behind her so we get ass shots; it's all quite infuriating. Plus, the threat of rape is made several times.

I suppose the character herself remained compelling enough, but I think if I revisit her I'll read Gail Simone's take, who I've been told, has given her a much needed feminist makeover.

And I did wind up learning about the character, which was my primary goal in the first place. In these comics she's fighting alongside Thor against Loki and Odin. I found this especially interesting as Red Sonja began in life in Marvel comics and it is their version of these other characters that are perhaps more currently familiar. On that note, it was fun to compare the Marvel and Dynamite versions, and to consider how different (or similar) this story would be had Red Sonja stayed at her original publisher.

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