Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Reader's Diary #1672- Tim Seeley (writer), Javier Fernandez (artist): Nightwing Vol. 1 Better Than Batman

I've spent the better part of this year exploring lesser known or at least slightly less popular superheroes in the Marvel and DC Comics canon. Nightwing barely fits that category, as Dick Grayson (once known as Robin) is certainly pretty popular. That said, I've still read very little about Dick Grayson; even most Batman comics I've read didn't involve him or have involved later incarnations of Robin. No time like the present to fill in my knowledge gaps!

As an added bonus, I also learned a little about the criminal underground organization, the Parliament of Owls. This group apparently first appeared in comics in 2011 but are becoming increasingly relevant at the moment. I wonder if DC is hinting at a connection to Nite Owl as they slowly begin introducing Watchmen characters into the mix.

In any case, I found Dick Grayson a compelling character while I wasn't overly found of the Parliament of Owls.

One of the things I liked most about Dick was his dependency on others. Though trying to break out on his own, he still finds himself partnering with others. In this book it was with anti-hero Raptor (who was also excellently developed). All in all, Dick is just an all around likeable guy; sometimes trusting to a fault, learning but not giving into cynicism.

The Parliament of Owls just reminded me of Marvel's Hydra or the Hand. And, I suppose it's not DC's fault, but I'm just getting tired of these shadowy, insidious groups that simply cannot be defeated.

The art by Javier Fernandez is great, slightly grainy and similar to David Aja's Hawkeye work, which fit the violence, and coloured smoothly by Chris Sotomayor in cool blues and blacks, mimicking the usual night setting and mood (not to mention Nightwing's costume).

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