Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Reader's Diary #1674- Jeremy Whitley (writer), Elsa Charretier (artist): The Unstoppable Wasp, Unstoppable! Vol. 1

I was very excited to find a trade paperback of Wasp  as I really enjoy female-led superhero comics. I was less excited, however, when I found out it featured Nadia in the role of the Wasp as I'd been hoping to learn more about the original Janet Van Dyne version (who does, at least, have a cameo).

Even after reading this collection, I'm on the fence about this Nadia incarnation. There's nothing terrible about her, but there's nothing particularly exciting either. She's super smart, she's always upbeat, she's a feminist. All good of course, but she seems like half a dozen other current female superheroes but without their flare or charm or any idiosyncrasy that would have helped set her apart (give me Squirrel Girl, any day!). It probably didn't help matters that it seems to take forever to even show her superhero powers.

A separate story at the end, written again by Jeremy Whitley but with an assist by Mark Waid, helped humanize Nadia a little better by showing how she reacts to stress. It didn't win me over entirely, but I'll at least acknowledge that perhaps the character is not the problem.

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