Friday, September 29, 2017

Reader's Diary #1676- Tsuina Miura (writer), Gamon Sakurai (art): Ajin Demi-Human

There's a lesser known Marvel superhero who belongs to the Great Lakes Avenger and goes by the name of Mister Immortal. He's played mostly for laughs which, though funny at times, is a bit of a shame because the concept itself need not be a throwaway concept.

Fortunately, the Ajin Demi-Human series explores the idea more fully. In this world, there are a few such people with such abilities and as you'd expect, they trigger a lot of fear and curiosity in the rest of the population, so much so that many have gone on the run so as not to be torn apart in the name of science.

I liked the first volume enough; besides the philosophical and ethical ramifications, the action is great, and the art reminded me somewhat of Akira which is a plus. I wasn't crazy Miura decided to give these immortal folks and few extra supernatural abilities as well, wishing he just focused on the unkillable aspect, but I'm a fan of superhero comics which are typically guilty of the same, so I can't come down on it too hard for that.

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