Monday, October 09, 2017

Reader's Diary #1680: Lauren Schenkman: The Removal

There's the briefest of seconds near the beginning of Lauren Schenkman's "The Removal" when the story approaches horror. A man named Victor is on an operating table, expecting to have everything "non-essential" removed. This is scary and tragic enough as it is. We're thinking cancer, right? Then the IV drip starts to flow and... oh my god, he isn't under and the doctor is starting anyway!

Or wait, maybe he is under and this is a near-death experience. The grotesque objects removed from Victor's cavity he understands to be resentments and jealousies and quite frankly, many of the things that unfortunately define what it is to be a man these days. But even as the doctor removes more organ meat than seems humanly possible, it's, I suppose, a hopeful story in that should Victor survive this ordeal, maybe he won't be such an entitled and sexist prick.

A fascinating story.

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