Friday, November 03, 2017

Reader's Diary #1692- Mary Walsh: Crying for the Moon

Ah Mary Walsh. I've been a fan of hers for such a long time. Of course, that was primarily for her comedic TV work, so the jury was still out on whether or not she could write.

I will say that her old TV characters influenced my reading of the book. Maureen, the protagonist, reminded somewhat of one of the "Friday Night Girls" from CODCO. Her mother reminded me a whole lot of Ma Reardon from "This Hour has 22 Minutes". There was even a character that reminded me Tommy Sexton's "Spook" character from CODCO. That all said, it's as if everyone had been given a gritty reboot as Crying for the Moon could not be classified as comedy. Nor would I say, it was a distraction or necessity to know of those TV characters. This is all pretty much an aside.

I'm not familiar with much of the perspective being explored by Walsh in this novel. Though I grew up in Newfoundland, it wasn't in the city and it wasn't in the late 60s. I also have no idea (thankfully) of what it's like to be an alcoholic or an abused woman. I will say that Walsh, to her real credit, makes it all seem authentic. Whether an insider would agree or not remains to be seen, but the story and characters in Crying for the Moon seem plausible and wholly developed.  Given Walsh's known love of literature, this should have come as no surprise.

The plot itself loosely revolves around a murder mystery but while that story is engaging, it pales in comparison to the frustrating but endearing Maureen. I found myself begging for her to gain some confidence, not to make that decision, to get her life on track. To be that attached to a character is the mark of great writing.

There's a resolution of sorts at the end, but it definitely leaves itself open for a sequel. I'd love to read more!


Kate said...

Great review - you've convinced me to track down a copy!

Teena in Toronto said...

I just finished it. I wanted to like it but didn't :(