Thursday, November 02, 2017

Reader's Diary #1691- Tom DeFalco (writer), Sandy Jarrell (artist): Reggie and Me

Reggie's always held a bit of weird spot in Archie comics, certainly more of a main player than say Midge or Dilton, but more like a 5th wheel to the big four. So getting his own title does make some sense.

Then, he's also a bit of a minor villain and even Veronica, who sometimes plays that role, has typically shared her title outings with the more affable Betty. So, to take the edge off, Reggie gets paired with his loyal dog Vader who also serves as the narrator.

The Reggie and Me collection is certainly entertaining, mildly funny with a none-too-serious plot and drawn well by Sandy Jarrell. I don't think, however, they really succeeded in making him likeable. That doesn't always, and shouldn't always, matter, but towards the end I sort of suspected that was the goal. He cries over his dog and I think that's supposed to be enough to make him a sympathetic character. But there's still a lot of rot underneath and to be honest, while he doesn't doing anything too outrageous in this book, it's hard not to think of such a person in real life and in real life, I'd think he'd be a bit of a psychopath.

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