Tuesday, December 05, 2017

Reader's Diary #1676- Various writers and artists: Overwatch Anthology Volume 1

I learned a valuable lesson with the first volume of Overwatch Anthology: don't base a reading choice solely upon a book's standing in an Amazon bestsellers list.

Had I researched this a little more and discovered that it's based of a popular online first-person video game, I would have been far more reluctant to pick it up. I am gathering, in hindsight, that the book is only selling well to (the admittedly many) fans of the game.

Apparently the books and animated films are Blizzard Entertainment's attempts to create a media juggernaut. I suppose it worked for Pokemon, so why not. With little character development or backstory in the game, these other mediums are meant to enhance. Unfortunately the comics don't really stand up on their own. Rather than balance the action, which fans of the games would reasonably expect, against plot and character development, the focus seemed to me to be too much on the former. The result was a mess of nonsensical stories and characters I couldn't have cared less about. If it was meant to inspire me to check out the game or the films, it failed miserably.

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